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"We strive to be the kind of caregiver where our own loved ones would be safe and healthy"

Redhead Supports is a community-based service provider for individuals with disabilities, offering an array of services to suit the unique needs and objectives of youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as traumatic brain injuries. Our services range from thoughtfully chosen group homes, to loving and safe host homes, to competent and purposeful supported living care, to enriching and amusing day and after-school programs. Each of our programs is designed to promote opportunities to:

  • make daily choices
  • work toward their own goals
  • have happy learning and leisure experiences that are aligned with their unique interests
  • contribute in consequential ways to their own living situations
  • gain psychosocial development
  • increase their participation and involvement in the community.

Parents, families, natural supports, medical providers and caseworkers are all meaningfully included on the empowering teams that provide stability, fulfillment and quality to the lives of individuals we serve. Each individual in Redhead Supports service is offered competent care by thoroughly trained, carefully selected and uniquely talented and compassionate staff members who all share the common goal and mantra of being the kind of caregiver we would want serving our own loved ones. The result is a vast and deeply committed extension to the families of each of our individuals in care.

Redhead Supports is funded by the Department of Services for People with Disabilities in Utah and by Desert Regional Center in Nevada, with private pay models on request.

mission statement

We, the people of Redhead Supports, humbly desire to make a positive and definable difference in our world. We intend to accomplish this very ambitious desire by using love, kindness, honesty and service to others. We will make all company decisions based on a Christian concern for all people. We strive to improve and enhance the lives of each and every person we meet: our families, our employees, our clients, and all other human beings. We believe it is a privilege and a gift from Heavenly Father to live now upon this beautiful earth during these wonderful yet challenging times, in this great God-given country. We intend to make a difference in the lives everyone we associate with; our families, our clients, our employees and our business associates as we dedicated our lives to service in the vineyard of our Maker.


The concept of Redhead Supports was born in 2015 by its 3 founders. With over 50 years of combined experience in social services and business, Redhead Supports has set out with a vision of providing unparalleled support and service to the population that we serve. To assist Redhead Supports in this grand work, we have chosen to use the technology of today to aid us in managing all aspects of our clients care. From medication management to support and habilitation plans that are customized to each client. With the help of this technology, our staff can optimize their efforts and better focus on each client in a more personal and loving manner.

Our objective is not to build an extensive client roster, but to build a family like atmosphere on the principles of integrity, love, trust and service.

Our chief desire is to be a provider that we would be comfortable having our own loved one cared for by Redhead Supports.

Our standards include:

  • the cleanliness, aroma and condition of the home
  • the caliber and character of the staff providing care
  • the integrity and quality of the paperwork
  • the agency’s approach to behavior management (positive reinforcement— enveloped in brotherly love and clearly-defined parameters, and choices inside these parameters)
  • the accessibility and frequency of communication and dialoguing between the leadership and executives
  • the appeal, meaningfulness and frequency of activities the client experiences with staff

Redhead Supports strives to envisage and actualize the highest quality provider possible, with a sustained commitment to providing an intimate, empowering and progressive environment for its clients and staff. We are committed to remaining steadfast in meeting our mission and living by our mantra.

We envision serving hundreds of individuals with myriad disabilities. We will grow and expand as long as we feel we are maintaining the original goals and ideals of being a provider that serves individuals with disabilities at an optimal level. We will always continue to strive to be the kind of provider that we would entrust out own loved ones to.

Redhead Supports currently offers services in Utah and Nevada

Our Services

"We strive to be the kind of provider that we would entrust our loved ones to"


Throughout Utah and Nevada, Redhead Supports has clean, attractive, safe and happy group homes where 24-hour assistance is offered by caring residential program managers and conscientiously chosen staff.

Day, Summer, After School

The incredible activities, reliable round-trip transportation, and the energetic, skilled and happy staff are just a few of the many great things about participating in Redhead Supports' programs.

Supported Living

The supported living program at Redhead Supports offers purposeful and valuable scheduled time during which patient, competent staff become mentors who provide individualized attention.

Host Home/Pro parenting

For individuals whose needs, personalities, or preferences are not suited to a traditional group home setting, we have a wide variety of competent, loving host homes and professional parents.

Respite Care

Redhead Supports knows that families and contractors need and deserve occasional breaks from the routine of their caregiving, and we have an excellent, reliable group of respite providers.

Behavioral Services

A sensitive, perceptive and expert group of individuals constitute the behavioral services team at Redhead Supports.

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